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The sky's the limit to what a creative artist can do for you

  Kate Meyer applies acrylic paint to a multi-media work.
Working en plein air, Kate applies acrylic paint to a multi-media portrait that also includes textiles, leather and ceramics.

  As an artist, I think outside the box. Need a visual presentation that goes beyond the ordinary? I'll draw on my experience and skills with traditional art media, digital techniques, or a combination of both, to create unique work just for you.

  You don't have to settle for what a stock-photo service can supply. Original art, done in traditional or digital media, is dramatic, unique and affordable.

  I'm expert at hybrid art forms, combining two- and three-dimensional elements, using digital techniques to alter a painting or drawing, or giving a photograph the look of a watercolor, chalk drawing or even a comic strip.
  Have something in mind but not sure how to describe it? Send me an email or give me a call. I'll help to define your project and create a unique, dramatic work of art.

Kate teaches portrait drawing technique
  Periodically I offer a short two-session course on how to draw a good likeness, using a photograph and a simple grid system. These classes are available for a modest charge in the Wilmington, NC area, and are taught in our Community Arts Center. For more, GO to portrait drawing course page.

Dazzle your customers and your competitors

Original artwork, limited only by your imagination   This virtual gallery shows original watercolors I painted, based on photographs. This is just one example of what I can do for you.
  To request a rate quotation, GO to query form.

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