Graphic design, page layout and formatting from Cape Fear Publishers
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Graphic design, page layout and formatting from Cape Fear Publishers
Graphic design, page layout and formatting from Cape Fear Publishers
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Creative design
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Publication & cover design, typography, formatting, artwork
  By Kate Meyer

  Cover designs. I'll create an attractive, effective cover for your work, with professional typography and illustrations as appropriate. Custom or stock photos or artwork can be used. I can also create original artwork, using digital or traditional media.

  Creative layouts. Putting the story on a page is an art in itself, especially if the book includes illustrations, sidebars and other supplementary materials. I've been designing pages of every size, from handbooks to newspaper broadsheets, for my entire career. I'll design attractive, reader-friendly layouts that suit your project and meet your publisher's needs.

  Print and web ads. Advertising that gets results is one of my specialties. I'll help you sell your products or services in any medium, including slick four-color magazines, black-and-white newspapers and newsletters, and websites and social media.

  Branding and promotion. Need bookmarks, postcards, brochures or posters to help you sell your book? I'm a specialist in creating powerful marketing materials. Want a strong, consistent brand for your business? I'll help define the perfect combination of colors, fonts and imagery to tell the world what you're about.

  Special effects. Go beyond static display with animated online ads. I use Adobe Flash technology and related applications to create unique, dynamic presentations.

  Typography and page formatting. I will work with you to select the right fonts for your text, headings and other page elements, and format the pages to meet your publisher's or printer's specifications. I'm expert in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Page layout and design are a specialty.

  Imagination and fancy tricks. As an artist, I think outside the box. Need a visual presentation that goes beyond the ordinary? I'll draw on my experience and skills with traditional art media, digital techniques, or a combination of both, to create unique work just for you.
About our rates
  We offer our services on either an hourly or a flat-rate schedule, depending on the nature of the work, and to some extent on our familiarity with a client's needs and work style. Cover design and page formatting will normally be done on a flat-rate basis, mainly determined by the book's size.
  When it comes to original art, either digital or traditional, one size does not fit all. Let us know your needs and we'll be able to give you a realistic idea of the time required.

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