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Databases, spreadsheets, interactive websites from Cape Fear Publishers
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Database design, spreadsheets and interactive website features
  By John and Kate Meyer

  Datebase design and management. We'll design and set up databases to drive interactive websites, as a sales management tool, to help track customer orders, and for many other business and administrative functions. We make these systems easy for non-specialists to operate through a "front-end" administrative control panel, which runs in out-of-the-box Microsoft Access software. This user-friendly front end links seamlessly with the "back-end" database server that runs the online website applications.

  Spreadsheet design and analysis. Gain insight from your data with sophisticated analysis, calculations and comparisons. We'll create customized worksheets, write formulas and generate informative graphics to meet your enterprise's needs.

  Ad display management for websites. Using powerful SQL Server technology, your clients' advertisements can be sorted by business category, with the option to sort ads by size or price. Locator maps help customers find advertisers' business locations. Contact forms let customers send emails directly to your advertisers. Suspension feature permits one-click disabling of listing for delinquent clients.

  Client account management. Manage all aspects of customer relations through a user-friendly control panel, running in MS-Access (part of Microsoft's Office suite.) Your clients can edit portions of their own listings through secure website forms. Bills are paid securely online. Optional function allows client financial data to be exported from QuickBooks accounting software to client's secure online admin page.

  Customer registration. Sign up attendees for event. Let customers opt in to receive newsletters and marketing campaigns. Match customers to advertisers' specialties with category selections. Customer accounts are editable with a secure online form.

  Customer forum. Comments are organized by topic and posting date. Registered customers can post and comment on others' postings. Users can create new categories. Optional client-reply feature gives merchants/advertisers ability to comment on customer postings.

  Customer planning tools. As incentive for prospective customers to register, offer free online features for planning major events like vacations or weddings. Includes event planning calendar; "my vendors" feature; appointment calendar; notes and comments function.

  Coupon system. Clients such as advertisers can create online and printable coupons. Simple online form is accessible through secure client admin form. Expiration date feature automatically removes outdated offers. Optional URL directs customers to any web page. Redemption can be limited to members/registered customers, or open to general public.

  About data-driven websites and spreadsheets
  Modern interactive websites use databases to securely and automatically manage information and interact with users. Uses include product inventories and online catalogues; creating and updating customer records; managing sales and customer service. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, systems are built around databases.
  Our specialty is to create automated, interactive websites, or add interactive functions to existing websites.
  We work with Microsoft's SQL Server and Access database software, which is compatible with sites hosted on Microsoft IIS web servers. Site design and programming is done using Microsoft's Active Server Pages and ASP.NET platforms.
  Information stored in databases can be analyzed and made readily understandable to non-specialists through powerful spreadsheet software. We are expert at Microsoft's Excel program, which interacts reliably with Access and SQL Server databases.

Kate Meyer's technical certification

Microsoft Office Specialist certification
Kate Meyer is certified
as a Microsoft Excel Specialist.

About rates
  We offer our services on either an hourly or a flat-rate schedule. The features outlined on this page can be readily adapted from existing templates, keeping development costs low.
  Because we offer proven functions, customized to the fine details of individual enterprises, we prefer to offer a detailed, itemized proposal once we've had a chance to learn about your needs.

  Ticket sales. System incorporates data capture; allows personalized tickets; guest ticket option.

  Merchandise catalog. Multiple indexing options; administrative interface; links to shopping cart. Catalog system is scalable, can manage thousands of products.

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