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Effective advertising design: The first step in making the sale

  Print and web ads. Advertising that gets results is one of my specialties. I'll help you sell your products or services in any medium, including slick four-color magazines, black-and-white newspapers and newsletters, and websites and social media.

  Good ad design is a collaboration between the client and the designer. I'll ask you about your objectives: Who you're trying to reach, what action you want that prospect to take after seeing the ad, what comparative advantage your product or service has over its competition.
  I'll work with your logo and other branding materials, any relevant photos or other artwork that helps to tell your story. I'll want to see any copy points you have developed to ensure the ad addresses all essential information.

  For a real-world example of how I work with design clients, GO to animation.

    I'll take a hard look at your material, too. I want to ensure the artwork is chosen to accomplish the ad's goals. I'll suggest ways to revise or tighten your wording, so it will get read, and be understood in the way you intend. I'll craft a headline that catches attention, and a call to action that tells the reader what to do next.

  It's important to realize that an effective ad must be tailored to its intended audience. An ad that works great in one publication may fall flat in another, if their audiences are different. For a very specialized message, in "niche" media, aimed at a knowledgable prospect, a detailed, text-heavy ad may be the ideal way to sell your product's features. But if you're trying to grab a general audience's attention, and imagination, a very different approach is necessary. I'll help you think through the best combination of idea, image and words for your message.

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A video portfolio of Kate Meyer's advertising designs
For a longer look at any individual ad design, press the "pause" button to halt the video.

These are some of the 'greatest hits' from my print ad designs.

A good ad gets us thinking about your product

Click the button above to see an example of how I work with a client to craft an advertisement.

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