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Anyone can learn to draw a good likeness
with Kate Meyer's pencil portrait technique
Short course on portrait drawing at the Community Arts Center

Step-by-step detailed instructions: How to draw portraits from a photograph
  Learn to draw portraits! In this drawing course, professional artist Kate Meyer will guide you through a step-by-step tutorial that illustrates a classical approach, the grid system, for drawing a life-like portrait with pencil.
Start your amazing journey to portrait
drawing in this three-hour class.

  All you'll need is to find a photograph of whoever you want to draw. Everything else will be provided.

Tips on choosing a photo to draw from:
  • Be sure the face is clearly visible.
  • A close-up shot works the best. The most detailed, the better.
  • The larger the face on the photo, the easier it will be to draw.
  • Please be sure the photo is sharp; blurry images are difficult to work with.
  • The photo must be printed; digital images will not work in this class.
  • Contact me if you need help with your photo.
Materials provided:
  • Black Warrior HB2 sketching pencil
  • One kneadable eraser
  • Archive-quality acid-free 9x12-inch sketching paper
  • Practice paper
  • Blending tissue
  • The step-by-step grid method handout sheets
These will be available for class use:
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Holding tape
  • Ruler

Your instructor
Kate Meyer
Co-owner, Cape Fear Publishers

Kate Meyer at work
in her home studio.
She will show how
to make a good likeness
with pencil and paper
using a photograph
as a model.


A portrait by Kate, based on a photograph of the actor Johnny Depp You can draw! This class is appropriate
for beginning and intermediate students.
Saturday, January 14, 2017
10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Community Arts Center
Hannah Block Historic USO / Community Arts Center
120 S. Second St. ~ Wilmington, NC

in advance
at the door
  Fee includes three hours of
instruction and all materials

(A place in the class isn't guaranteed
unless paid in advance.)

This form will send me your contact information. I will get back in touch
with details about payment and the schedule. Meanwhile, if you have any
questions, please email or telephone using the contact info at left.
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