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Ghost writing: Collaborating with
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Writing services: Co-authorship, ghost writing and original copy

  It's common for an expert to join forces with a professional writer to produce a polished, publishable work. If you need a pro to help you tell your story effectively, I can work at any level of credit or anonymity, as you prefer.
  However the authorship is listed, I will consult with you to master your material and shape it into a readable narrative. I can work from a rough draft or from your notes and outline. I can also start from scratch by interviewing you about your subject.

  Writing credits can take many forms, including:
  Ghost writing. I write the book, in close cooperation with you, but my name does not appear in print. You are listed as the author. This can be governed by a confidentiality agreement, if you prefer. This will keep my role undisclosed.
  Co-authorship. You and I are both credited as authors, reflecting the combined expertise needed to get the work published. Think of this as akin to how two actors share equal billing in a movie's credits.
  "As told to." It's your story, with your name the most prominent on the cover and title page. The phrase "as told to ..." introduces me as co-author in a subordinate position. This is a popular approach to such genres as the celebrity memoir.
  Contract authorship. I'm the author of a book based on some combination of research you have done and interviews with you. You or your work are the book's subject and my name is on the cover. Examples of why a writer might be hired include a history of a company or organization, or a deceased person's biography. (Insert obvious "ghost" writer joke here.)

  Whatever the reason, if you don't feel equal to the task of writing your book yourself, I can help. A description of the project, and your preferred approach to author credit, will let me prepare a proposal and estimate the time required.
My writing expertise with your subject expertise.
Co-authorship and ghost writing: Partner with a pro
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