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Professional services for authors from Cape Fear Publishers
Professional services for authors from Cape Fear Publishers
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   We have made lengthy careers of helping talented writers to do their best work, and to present that work in attractive form. Submitting your book to a publisher? Or selling a self-published work at retail? Either way, we'll give it the professional finish it needs to compete in today's marketplace.
   Editing: Whether you need just a final proof reading, or in-depth assistance in shaping and organizing your manuscript, or any level of editing in between, we're good, we're quick, and we're easy to work with. We track editing changes and approvals through Microsoft Word documents.
   Design and formatting: We'll put your work on the page, in attractive, readable form, and ready for print according to your publisher's or printer's specifications. We normally work in industry-standard Adobe InDesign software.

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  Story development, copy editing and proof reading
By John Meyer A versatile, experienced editor will help you with all aspects of the written word, from story development and organization through copy editing to final proof reading. I also offer research, reporting and writing services.   MORE

Graphic design, artwork, typography, formatting
By Kate Meyer A graphic designer with expertise in print and online media, plus deep experience in marketing, will create attractive, eye-catching book covers and ads. I can create original artwork in digital or traditional media, as well as do publication design, typography and formatting.   MORE

Database design, dynamic websites, spreadsheets
By John & Kate Meyer Databases, spreadsheets and interactive websites are a specialty. Let us help you manage your data: Digital product catalogues, customer or donor relationship systems, and online applications from ticket sales to coupons, we'll customize a solution that fits your enterprise's needs.   MORE

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